Inaugural Meeting of the MAL-ED Consortium in February 15-18, 2009 in Washington, DC

The goals of the meeting are to:

  • Further the development of a strong, interactive multi-institutional and multi-site network collaborating on a shared vision and plan of addressing the scientific questions and issues raised in the proposal.
  • Finalize the shared and harmonized protocol that will be form the basis for project activities at he different sites.
  • Develop the plans for implementing the protocol at the different sites.
  • Identify and codify the policies and procedures by which participants in the Network and Consortium will operate.
  • Determine how the companion Discovery projects will coordinate activities with those of the Network.

Agenda will include:

  • Launch of program with BMGF and Steering Committee members, Technical Committee heads, Site PIs, and other site representatives
  • Scientific Board and Bioethics Board meeting
  • Time for discussion/finalizing SOP, manuals, forms for planned IRB submission