MAL-ED Symposium at ASTMH Meeting November 22, 2009

The MAL-ED Network held a symposium at the annual ASTMH meeting in Washington D.C. on November 22, 2009. Although the symposium was scheduled at 8am on the very last day of the meeting, we had a very good turn out. Michael Gottlieb, representing FNIH, and Mark Miller, representing FIC, introduced the MAL-ED Project and set the tone for the other presenters.

Eric Houpt (UVa) spoke about the development of new tools for analyzing the pathogen make-up of stool. Richard Guerrant (UVa) spoke about the effects of malnutrition and repetititve bouts of diarrheal disease on cognitive development. Laura Caulfield (JHSPH) ended the session by describing the importance of micronutrients for young children at risk of both malnutrition and diarrheal disease in developing countries.